Transportation References


  1. Athens – Metro (ISAP)
    Preparation of proposals for modernization of electrical traction systems for rolling stock.
  2. Hellenic Railways Organisation (OSE)
    Total systems analysis for strategic decision, proposal for improvement of rolling stock, workshops, local production.
    Markis export group consisting of the Danish State Railways, Scandia Randers and Markis.
  3. Ministry of Transportation
    Transnational cooperation with the Danish state railways in railway ferries.
  4. Athens – Piraeus Trolleybus Authority (ILPAP)
    Installation of energy saving system Chopper control for trolley buses with EEC grants.
  5. Fuel cell bus prototype
    Participants: Danish State railways, Markis, Athens Trolley Bus Authority, Holec (NL), Ministry of Housing and Environment (NL), GVB (NL), RET (NL), Athens Metro (ISAP), SM/Elenco (Belgium).



  1. Danish State Railways
    1. Design of early warning system for economic steering of railways.
    2. Design of new generation S-train for Copenhagen
    3. Invitation, prequalification of 4 major suppliers represented by Markis.
    4. Design of new generation S-train for Copenhagen
    5. Preliminary design of self-propelled diesel electric train sets. Partnership Markis and Carel Fouche (France).
  2. Scandia-Randers A/S
    Feasibility study for production unit of carbon steel rolling stock, export promotion operation.



  1. Brush Electrical Machines Ltd
    Marketing of electrical traction systems.
  2. The Hunslet Engineering Company Ltd
    Design and marketing of shunting locomotives.



  1. Carel Fouche Industries
    Feasibility studies/marketing operations for production unit of electrical traction system.
  2. MTE
    Marketing of passenger railway trains. Joint venture company in Denmark between Société MTE of group Jeumont-Schneder and Markis.



Holec Netherlands BV

  1. Feasibility studies/marketing operations for production unit of electrical traction.
  2. Initiation, establishment and coordination of a four country group for development of a fuel cell bus.



  1. Marubeni
    Export promotion, marketing of electrical traction systems.
  2. Toshiba
    Export promotion, marketing of electrical traction systems.



  1. Vilnius trolleybus Company
    Sales of battery chargers for EAO of Switzerland.
  2. Klaipeda Bus Company
    Agreement for an assembly of buses.
  3. Lithuanian Railways
    Coordination of modernization, financing, job creation.
  4. Lithuania Railways
    Soil remediation problems in Kaunas and Klaipeda.



Riga tram company

  1. Modernization of traction
  2. Joint venture local production
  3. Design of ticketing systems