Technological Support Center (TSC)

1. Background

Markis IDC is establishing a network of regional Tic’s in selected countries in co-operation with local authorities, universities and other entities to be accompanied by full scale demonstration projects for the sectors of TSC to be used for training/demo/research.

2. The purpose/goals of the TSC are to provide the physical environment for:

  • Closer communication and co-operation between Authorities/legislators, researchers, industries, consumers, education
  • Support the design of quality/ cost effective solutions
  • Full scale demonstration projects in each discipline of the TSC
  • Training, Research, conferences, seminars
  • Exhibitions, museums, water lands
  • Investment attraction technology transfer
  • Risk capital and financial facilities
  • Creating major impact on the economy of the region that will host the TSC
  • Creating employment/know how, basis for exports, jobs and income for the universities and scientists
  • Making the country a centre for environmental/ health l technologies
  • Creating the foundations for off season tourism development
  • Creating the eligibility criteria to access the EU research, demonstration grants, requiring transnational co-operation

TSC Diagram