Public Transport

Major strategic projects of Markis
Markis is developing business in Greece, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, and Romania:
Via our new associates we may make business in other countries in with their clients.

Project 1
Transnational R&D Demonstration projects funded by EU programmes
In this projects we intent to involve Denmark, Greece, Romania, Latvia and Lithuania as areas where the projects will be executed simultaneously with local modifications. Via our associates we may involve also Germany, Holland, Ireland. Topics would be related to:

  • Traction power supplies and catenary systems
  • Control and signalling, passenger information, ticketing/communication systems.
  • Trams, trolleybuses, busses, Passenger trains. Maintenance
  • Multimodal Urban interchanges Infrastructure, Harbours, and Airports. Civil aviation.

Project 2
Modernization of the Romanian, Latvia, Lithuania railway/urban transport
Markis has established or is discussing agreements with major cities like Riga (Latvia), Vilnius (Lithuania), Arad Romania, Bucharest Romania other railway or urban transport system operators and governments in East Europe for co-ordinating the transport sector modernization with EU grants and local production of trams, trains busses, trolleybuses.

Project 3
Production of trams/trolley buses, buses, trains with local plants
In Nov. 01,Markis signed L.O.Intent with the Romanian plant Astra Vagoane Calatory SA.
Similar partnerships are in progress in two other counties. Separate J.V is under establishment with Romanian electrical traction companies. A joint company in Denmark will develop international business for rolling stock to be executed by the partners.

Project 4
Technology Support Center (TSC) for Public transport in Romania
Letter of intent signed 28 Nov. 01 between the Mayor of Arad, Markis Industrial dev. center, Astra vagoane calatory S.A for; Establishing the TSC, developing two prototype trams, buses and modernising the total transport system of Arad.

The TSC will support central government and the union of transport authorities with engineering, R&D, training, laboratories and other services. The TSC will establish relations with specialists in different disciplines and similar centres in other countries.

Project 5
Public transport projects in Denmark and Greece
Under normal negotiation or tender conditions or combined with Demonstration projects.

Project 6
Airports-Harbours, Bridges in Greece, Lithuania, Romania, Denmark
Basic alliance is being investigated between the consulting engineering companies Spiekermann of Germany, Almenna of Iceland ISC of Denmark and Markis as Project manager. For joint approach in 2 airport projects (turn key) two river bridges in Romania and the connection between Denmark-North Germany.