Markis IDC

Markis IDC belongs to Marotis group, which includes following companies:

  • Markis IDC (industrial, regional development, management, investments)
  • Markis bioenergy group (Joint venture co-operation between Markis IDC and complimenting partners) operating biogas and waste water treatment plants.
  • Technology support center for environment, energy, agro: JV under establishment between Markis IDC, Hersonissos/Mytiline municipalities, University of Aegean, Landfill of Hersonissos/Malia.
  • Concept Light A/S (importer and distributor of lighting systems and furniture)
  • Marotis and Poulsen APS (design articles of kitchen and tableware)

Our philosophy is to:

  • Honour the trust of our partners. Long-term relations. The success of our partners is also our success.
  • Solve a regional, industrial problem in a sustainable way creating employment, Technology Support centers.

Sectors/Industries of Markis' focus

sector plan

Markis involvement and responsibility in a private or state project can be:

  1. Supplier of consulting services:
    • Master planning, project manager
    • Attraction of technological operating partners
    • Management/Marketing, financial/grants services, risk capital
    • Coordination of Technical services, feasibility studies.
    • Joint ventures/technology transfer
    • Co-ordination of EU research and demonstration projects. See also:
  2. Active investor, joint venture partner,providing also know-how or being responsible for:
    • Marketing, exports, management, design of Early Warning Systems for economic steering.
    • Securing technological/ operating partners, financing/obtaining grants, risk capital.
  3. Tourism promotion and investment attraction office for a region.
  4. Exporter/sales office: Markis can become and act as export/sales organization for a company. Today we market Zeolite products, olive oil and food products, and desalination plants.

Countries of Markis focus at present: Scandinavia, Baltic States, Greece, Ukraine, Egypt, Cyprus.

Markis background and strength:

  • Our above philosophy combined with skills, own tools to treat multidisciplinary tasks.
  • Over 30 years experience in above fields and sectors in all continents.
  • Own developed early warning systems enabling companies to meet effectively market changes.
  • Network of over 30 associated government, municipal, universities, private partners in over 10 countries.
  • Leading partner in a network of regional Technology Centers for Environment/ Energy (TSC).
  • Strong economy from investments in property and industries, allowing us to be self-financed.

Contact Information

Phone: 0045 3964 3211
Mobile: 0045 4055 6526
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

map26 Rådhusvej
2920 - Charlottenlund